Programming & Curriculum Development
@ the Hive


As the Director of Design and Creativity at the Hive, my role is multifaceted. I direct a team of students and professionals in visual and experience design, create the curriculum for full-credit courses, workshops, and "pop-up classes", manage several maker spaces, and help to bring definition to the purpose of this relatively new design center that is positioned as a resource for five of the best liberal arts schools in the country.

Below is a framework that I developed to interpret the goals of our strategic plan into the daily practices and behaviors across the areas of engagement we have with The Colleges. I've also presented a selection of workshops and events that I've lead that expresses this framework.


Orientation: Design Researcher +
Design Educator
Project type: Design Pedagogy + Coaching



The Hive engages in four strategic areas of student growth and learning — Creative confidence, Human-centered design,  Collaborative orientation, and Liberal arts— and believes that these areas will help bring about a renaissance in the liberal arts.

This framework unpacks the four main activities of the Hive by identifying attributes that we associate with each area: the “HOW” of our engagement with the “WHY” of our strategic plan. This framework brought intention to our semester-long programming and daily practices.



The Hive has some amazing programming focused on cultivating creatively confident leaders, transdisciplinary practitioners, and human-centered design-oriented thinkers. I have had the pleasure of taking part in the development and implementation of this programming and the following are a few of the workshops that I've developed:

Wearable Statements w/ Elain Young:
A workshop on the translation of difficult conversations into wearable statements aimed at changing minds and hearts. Participants all left the workshop with new screen printing skills and a shirt bearing a statement resulting from a difficult, yet productive, conversation that was designed and printed by the conversation group.

Playing with Community w/ Tucker Viemeister:
Award-winning industrial designer, Tucker Viemeister and I facilitated a workshop on the role of PLAY in the design process and how it can help to create and sustain community and collaboration beyond design.

Unflattening w/ Nick Sousanis:
Reimagine argument through the creative tools of a graphic novelist. This workshop helped students reimagine and reframe their academic writing using tools of visual design and storytelling.

Warp & Weft: Negotiating Cultural Spaces w/ Dougall Paulson:
Multidisciplinary design & studio artist Dougall Paulson hosted a weaving workshop as a part of a two-day pop-up exhibition in collaboration with the Pomona College Museum of Art. On opening night, Dougall Paulson facilitated a community-based workshop, explaining weaving techniques as we facilitated a community-building craft project.

Designing Your Personal Brand:
How will you present your professional self to the world? Let us help you unmask, reimagine, and craft a personal vision to help you leap tall buildings in a single bound.