Executive Coaching + Workshops


From 2016 - 2017, I was a member of Stanford University's as a research and teaching fellow within their Teaching and Learning program. It was there that I sharpened my practice in Human-Centered Design and design theory.

As a fellow, I developed curricula, pushed the envelope on the practice of Human-Centered Design, lectured in classes, partnered with stakeholders interested in innovating within their areas, and coached workshops. I've continued working with the as a consultant and coach. Below are a few of the workshops I've developed and or coached:


Orientation: Design Researcher +
Design Educator
Project type: Curriculum Design + Coaching

The @ Stanford University


Executive Bootcamp:
During the Executive Bootcamp Program, participants will take part in an immersive, real-world project to actively learn the’s human-centered, prototype-driven approach to innovation. This program was founded by David Kelly founder of IDEO, a leader in design and innovation. 

Designing For Social Systems:
The purpose of Designing for Social Systems is to empower leaders and practitioners in the nonprofit, philanthropy, government, and social impact fields to work in more effective, human, and strategic ways.

NCAF Leadership Workshop:
In collaboration with the New California Arts Fund this two-day workshop helps administrators and leaders, in the arts and art education community, who have been awarded grants from the New California Arts Fund from the Irvine Foundation, execute major change in their staffing and programming, to address a specific challenge within their organization. 

Designing Arguments:
We combine methods from human-centered design with those of argumentation within spoken and writing language, offering a toolbox of techniques that help designers reimagine their engagement with the user experiece design processes.